Desire Miners: Mercedes 'n Zombar


The economic crash of 2008 was tangible to those living in Lehigh Acres, Florida, epicenter of the foreclosure crisis in the United States. Many were first time homebuyers, people of color, young couples beginning families, all desiring their chance at the mythic American Dream. Promises were made, but unfortunately their desires were mere grist for the Desire Miners mill. Generated from site data using visual structure from motion techniques combined with statistical data from the locale, a perpetual loop is created, reminding us that despite technology’s proficiency at abstraction, the outcomes can be physical and painful.

Visual structure from motion (VSM) and photography on site at Lehigh Acres, Florida, December 2015.

Particle system driven by site capture combined with foreclosure and refinance data emanating from the Fort Meyers MSA and provided via the public use databases mandated under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) of 2008 and maintained by the U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency. (as of Dec 2015)

Audio is composed of three elements:
1. a sample of the final note/feedback of Penny Lane by The Beetles.
2. a sonigram of the site imagery
3. a granular synthesis of President Barack Obama’s December 22, 2009 “town hall” speech at Fort Meyers, FL, where Mayor Jim Humphrey hand delivered a letter from the Lehigh Acres community.


Medium: single-channel, digital cinematography, 1 minute loop
Can be presented as perpetual, seamless loop, as a 3 minute solo, or as installation in conjunction with still photographs (samples below)
Dimensions: variable, 4K resolution
Future Perfect, Intersections: the 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology, Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, CT Feb 16 - Mar 3, 2018
52nd Annual SA+AH Faculty Show, University Gallery, Gainesville, FL Jan. 9 - Feb 2, 2018

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