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What's up?

I'm noticing a pattern. People ask "what's up?" and when I tell them I'm on "research leave" for the semester, they give me this "wow, must be cushy" response; as if I am on vacation, LOL. As you might be able to tell by the lack of activity on my blog, this is hardly the case. Since finishing teaching in May, I don't recall ever having worked harder. I spent much of May working on between[x and y], and June, July and the first half of August were spent working with Patrick on Open House. 14 hour days, 7 days a week gets pretty tiring. I was fortunate to get a grant from UF for myself and an assistant (Patrick) to go to Germany for a "media art tour" during ISEA and Ars Electronica. We wanted to show Open House while we were over there, and despite our best intentions, we ended up spending the first two weeks in Germany looking at it from the window of our hotel in Dusseldorf while engaging in a bit of "extreme programming"! It all worked out, though, and we are extremely happy with the end result. We had a great time showing Open House to people at both conferences as well as the community at-large. Seeing the work, particularly at the Ars Electronica: REPAIR exhibition, rejuvenated my desire to make. After a bit of recovery time and catching up on school-related things (meetings, meetings, meetings), I'm eager to spend the rest of my "break" making new work. It's been a LONG time (10 yrs?) since I've had time, with no impending deadlines, to JUST MAKE WORK.