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waaaay too busy

It feels like I haven't had a breath since last spring. As soon as the spring semester ended I started working on my tenure documentation which had an initial deadline of August 1st. Simultaneously, Patrick and I started work on the Siggraph, Tracing Home exhibition which opened August 7th. It was a wonderful show/experience: hard work but tons of fun. There are a lot of pictures and information about this over on the Open House website (see installation).


Setup at the Vancouver Convention Center (above)

Since then I've been catching up on everything that was put off in the interim. I'm focusing on "Critical Utopia" this semester in graduate seminar, which I find exciting. We'll be doing projects around/with/in Orlando (Disney World, Celebration, Epcot). I'm also excited to be teaching the Art Games::Game Engines class again this semester.

Hopefully things will begin to slow down a bit, though I'm suspicious it won't. I still have tenure packet work to do and a show coming up in November. I have been working with Anna Callouri-Holcombe putting together a Provost's Digital Fabrication Lab Award that we'll jury in October. Can't wait to see what people submit! So...back to work...