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CAA + New Media Showcase

Had a great time in New York at the College Art Association Conference. I hadn't been in a while, so it was great to see some familiar faces. The biggest surprise was walking towards the Christian Marclay show in Chelsea and looking up to see Carol LaFayette (my friend and dissertation advisor)! We had a great time catching up on things and seeing some work. "The Clock" was alright. I want to like it, but my feelings were similar to these. I'm very suspicious of nostalgia, with the way the work was edited, that seemed to be an overly important part of the experience.


Saved lots of money with this room!


Richard Hamilton's DIAB DS-101 Computer at MoMA


Image from the Art of Pranks panel at CAA.

One of the most enjoyable sessions I attended was the Art of Pranks panel. It was practically a Fluxus performance in itself with Beauvais Lyons, Sarah Archino, Albert Godycki, Hannah Higgins, Simon Anderson, Lisa Sayles, Clark Stoeckley (in police uniform) and Andy Bichlbaum from the Yes Men.

Eddie Shanken's panel New Media, Art-Science, and Mainstream Contemporary Art: Toward a Hybrid Discourse? was great as well. Full documentation can be found at his site, HERE. I especially enjoyed Christiane Paul's description of "Relational Aesthetics Syndrome"...a sort of amnesia for work that truly works with communication/dialogism/participation. Her view is that the problem is not with the artworld/art; it is that "art history has a major problem"!